Previous Herd Competition Winners

The North West Limousin Herd Competition Winners from 2010 to the present.

Born After 1/3 Year Of ShowJohn MooreAidan McHaleJoe MoranJoe Moran
Born 1/1-28/2 Year Of ShowDonie McKeonDonie McKeonDonie McKeonGerry WalshJoe MoranJoe Moran
Born 1/11-31/12 Year Before ShowGerry WalshDonie McKeonDonie McKeonDonie McKeon
Born 1/9-31/10 Year Before ShowJoe MoranGerry WalshMichael GunnAnthony DonnellyPadraig GoldenDonie McKeon
Older MaleMichael Hester
Born After 1/3 Year Of ShowDonie MckeonJohn MooreDonie McKeonJack Vahey
Born 1/1-28/2 Year Of ShowDavid CoganJoe MoranDonie MckeonDonie McKeonMichael PhillipsJoe Moran
Born 1/11-31/12 Year Before ShowDonie MckeonJohn mooreMichael HesterDonie McKeon
Born 1/9-31/10 Year Before ShowJason LavelleGerry WalshMichael GunnPadraig GoldenPadraig GoldenMichael Oliver
Born 1/1-31/8 Year Before ShowJoe MoranGerry WalshJoe MoranMichael OliverMartin ReganDes Joyce
Older FemaleDonie McKeonJason LavelleMichael OliverMichael HesterMichael PhillipsMichael Hester
Show Team Of Year
1st €300Gerry WalshDonie McKeonDonie McKeonDonie McKeonDonie McKeon
2nd €200Donie McKeonMichael GunnJohn MooreJoe MoranJoe Moran
3rd €100Michael GunnJohn MoorePadraig GoldenJohn MooreMichael Hester
Best Pair €100Michael OliverMichael HestorTie: Michael Phillips &John Moore
Michael Gunn
Best Single Animal €100Joe MoranMichael OliverPadraig GoldenJack Vahey